Server Merge Notice

2016-10-17 00:43:18

Dear players:

For better interactions and gaming experiences, the TOS team has decided to perform a server merge for s61-s70  between 01:00-03:00 on Oct 18 (UTC-5), 2016


Server Merge Event:



   1. Reserve server name, entry and top-up interface;

   2. Reserve character info (item, skill, pet, stats, Ingot, Gold, achievement and arena credit);

   3. Reserve current quest status;

   4. Reserve social info (Guild, friend and enemy);

5. Reserve all characters less than one account, add select screen after the merge.


  1. Players who share the same name will get a suffix attached to their names and a rename card as well after the maintenance;

   2. Guilds that share the same name will be treated likewise. Suffix will be added and a rename card will be sent.


   1. All your mails will be deleted after the merge please claim the attachments before hand, or there will not be any compensations;

   2. After the merge, Colosseum ranking, Arena ranking, and other rankings (Including prestige ranking, special notice will be sent) will all be reset. The First Lv.10 Guild event is still experiencing bug, thus suspended, and rankings are open for competition again;

   3. Accounts with no record of login within 30 days, character under Lv.30, no Ingot or top-up history will be deleted;

   4. All players will get a Merge Gift Pack afterwards, sent in by mail;

   5. The following events: Let Level Speak, Character Combat Power Ranking, Pet Combat Power Ranking, and Guild Ranking Rewards, will be open again, for details, please check the event panel;

   6. After the merge, unclaimed single top-up and top-up gift packs will be deleted, no compensation will be made for incurred loss.

   Please note: system instability will be possible after the merge; we apologize for any inconvenience incurred! If you shall have any questions, please contact our customer services, we are happy to help!


Tales of Solaris Operation Team

Oct 17,2016


Tales of Solaris-Rise to the challenge of Ancient Boss with lovely pets!

Tales of Solaris-Hot RPG featured with dazzling skills, diversified pets, and multiple game modes!

Tales of Solaris-In the Lost City Looking for Mysterious Treasures