Scheduled maintenance and update

2015-09-21 03:18:48

Servers: All

Date: 01:00 AM (UTC-5) Sep 22, 2015


On Tuesday, we will be performing a scheduled maintenance. during which period access to the game will not be available.


Details about the update:

[Function] [Time Wheel] The Warfare Has Begun!

[Entry] Select [Time Wheel] in the main interface

[Level] Reach Lv.70 to unlock.

[Rules] As below

⑴ The Time Wheel consists of 50 Stages with 3 difficulty levels: 1-Star, 2-Star and 3-Star. You can choose any difficulty level to challenge each stage.

⑵ After each battle, your battle result will be calculated based on your total BP, including your pet's BP. When you enter a battle, your HP will be full again.

⑶ After challenging a stage successfully, you will receive corresponding Star rewards. The game ends if you fail.

⑷ After each battle, your rewards will be sent based on the number of Stars you received in the battle.

⑸ If you fail, you may use Ingots to revive and challenge the stage again.

⑹ Each player has 3 chances to challenge the Time Wheel to receive rewards 3 times a day.

④ [Challenge Bonus]

⑴ According to your VIP level you will receive BP bonuses by percent. The higher your VIP level, the more bonuses you will receive.

⑵ Stars received from the last round can provide BP bonuses for you as well. The more Stars received from the last round, the more bonuses you will receive in the current round.

⑤[Reward] After challenging a stage or the game ends, you will receive massive EXP rewards based on the number of Stars received.

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⑥ [Time Chart]

⑴ Light up the stars in the star chart with the star points received from the time wheel. When 3 stars near a rune is lit, you will receive the corresponding rune attribute.

⑵ You can light up the star when its nearby stars are lit.

⑶ When you activate all runes on a star chart, you will receive <font color='#00ff00'>lots of attributes

⑷ You can only operate one star chart at a time. If you switch star charts while activating a star chart, the stars and attributes in the star chart will be reset.

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[Function] [Soul Possession] Let Your Pet Feel the Power of Partners!

[Entry] Select [Boost] - [Soul Possession]


⑴ Pets or pet eggs whose pet guide rating is more than 200 can be used as Soul Possession Materials.

⑵ Choose a pet as the main pet (a possession objective). Other eligible pets or pet eggs are used as materials.

⑶ After possession, the main pet will receive a random stat and materials will disappear.

⑷ Materials with high guide ratings will offer more stat points for the main pet.

⑸ Unbound main pets will become bound after being possessed.

⑹ Each stat that is received via the Soul Possession has its own limit. Stat limits of all pets are the same, but are calculated separately.

⑺ Stats received via the Soul Possession can be inherited to other pets.

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[New Psyche] Beautiful Princess Pea never attacks people with peas!

[Introduction] A Psyche event was newly added. The Psyche will be transformed into Princess Pea.

[New Mount] Ride Good Fortune to have a happy year!

[Introduction] A new mount Good Fortune was newly added.

[Source] The top 5 players in the goal point ranking in the Cuju Match.

[New Costume] Have you seen my rabbit?

[Overview] A new costume Doll Love was newly added. Play with your doll!

[Source] Shoot a Gold Cuju in the Cuju Match to have a chance to obtain Good Fortune.

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Tales of Solaris Operation Team

Sep 21 .2015


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