Tales of Solaris Closed Beta Ends

2013-04-07 02:03:12

Dear everyone,


Tales of Solaris closed beta is going to end at 24:00(GMT-5), April 7th, 2013. All data will be wiped before open beta released. Golden beans will be returned to you in 3 days. Ingot reward will be sent to the character of your top-up account within 3-7 work days after the Open Beta. Thank you very much for you support and understanding.

Open beta time: 9:00 pm (GMT-5), April 9th, 2013

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Tales of Solaris Operating Team

April 7th, 2013


Tales of Solaris-Rise to the challenge of Ancient Boss with lovely pets!

Tales of Solaris-Hot RPG featured with dazzling skills, diversified pets, and multiple game modes!

Tales of Solaris-In the Lost City Looking for Mysterious Treasures