CBT Pre-Top-Up Event

2013-03-27 21:38:34


1.The duration of CBT Pre-top-up Event will be 6 days.

From: April 2nd at 9:00 PM (GMT-5) to April 7th - 23:59 (GMT-5)

2.During the closed beta, we will open up the charging system on April 2nd, allowing you to top up and add money.

3.The Golden Bean to Ingot (Tales of Solaris currency) exchange rate is 1 to 40.

For example: If you transfer 1 Golden Bean into Tales of Solaris, you will receive 40 Ingot in game.

4.All data will be wiped after the CBT ends and the Golden Beans toped up in the CBT will be returned

5.We will return all the Golden Beans that you transferred into Tales of Solaris and give you up to 20% Ingot reward as well! For details, see below:

GB transfer

GB return back

Ingot reward













For example:

If you transfer 10 Golden Beans in total, you will get your 10 Golden Beans back

If you transfer 100 Golden Beans into Tales of Solaris in total, you will get your 100 Golden Beans back and also receive an extra 400 (10% of 4000) Ingot for free!

If you transfer 1000 Golden Beans in total, you will get your 1000 Golden Beans back and also receive an extra 8000 (20% of 40000) Ingot for free!


6.Please note that Ingot reward will be sent within one week after the OBT to the character of highest level in your top-up account, please make sure you have a valid character in order to receive Ingot reward.


More details for theTales of Solaris Closed Beta will be released soon, keep an eye on our official website and fan page on Facebook.


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