Tales of Solaris–Where Pets Are For Life,Not Just Battle

2013-04-30 03:58:08

NGames detail the new time-saving Guild Pet Home function added to the magical web MMORPG


NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today detailed the new time-saving 'Guild Pet Home' system recently added to magical web MMORPG, Tales of Solaris.


Currently in open beta on the online games portal,Tales of Solaris combines RPG gameplay with classic anime elements and thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

Laputa is a perilous place, but a unique pet system means players always have a virtual friend to accompany them on their travels. Tales of Solaris players are able to train a plethora of unique pets as they quest across the game's expansive open-world, obtaining them by either defeating and capturing monsters, or by earning them through time-limited events, where players might be lucky enough to stumble across a rare pet egg.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

After becoming an honorary member of a guild, players can now foster their non-battle pets in the new Guild Pet Home. Run by pet nurse Magritte, this safe haven for pets not only saves time by automating the pet enhancement process, it also encourages a stronger rate of pet progression by speeding up the rate they earn EXP and Skill points.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

Fostering pets is a perfect hands-off approach to levelling up companions for the time-conscious adventurer. All players need to do is place their pet in the Home and pick them up whenever they wish, meaning more free time to tackle Laputa's challenging dungeons and exciting story quests.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

Pets can develop their EXP all the way up to Lv.5 using the Guild Pet Home, and can even continue to earn Skill Points long after they hit their EXP limit. Players may also play a more active role in pet development by feeding them while they are in the Pet Home, which is a simple but highly effective method for building up personal Guild Contribution points.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

Players cannot foster battle pets in the Guild Pet Home, but that's OK – they are put to much better use on out on the battlefield.

Tales of Solaris is a brand new, magical web RPG launching later this year. Interested players can visit the Tales of Solaris and pre-register now:

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