Tales of Solaris - More Magical Equipment Than You Can Shake Your Wand At

2013-04-19 04:55:27

NGames reveal the many items and equipment awaiting players in the new magical web MMO


NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the portal, has today revealed how to obtain and utilizethe many pieces of equipment awaiting players in magical new free-to-play anime MMORPG, Tales of Solaris.


Currently in open beta, Tales of Solaris combines MMORPG gameplay with classic elements and thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger. As a member of the Order – a society of heroes established to safeguard Laputa - players not only face an epic struggle against notorious Bandits vying to overthrow the island, they must also seek to reveal the true history of Laputa and finally lead the City of Sky into a new era of peace of prosperity.


Tales of Solaris provides players with a near-end less supply of items and equipment to grow and customizetheir characters.Adventurers daring enough to walk the Ancient Forbidden Path, explore Tales of Solaris's many varied quest lines, and partake in a little item redemption will find plenty of loot awaiting them – some of it might even make their friends jealous.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

By challenging bosses in instances, such as those on the treacherous Ancient Forbidden Path, players can win much sought after Purple Rings matching the level of any boss defeated.Meanwhile, random opponents on the rest of the Ancient Forbidden Path drop valuable materials redeemable for Top Orange Equipment.


All equipment obtained from quests and defeating bosses in Instances is of a specific colour. Bosses from Elite Instances drop powerful Purple equipment, while normal instances drop Blue items for more regular use.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

Valor Seals and other items found on the Ancient Forbidden Path can be redeemed for more useful equipment; the more seals, the more powerful the equipment. Valor Seals are special items that players can use to buy extremely strong Purple equipment – vital for tackling those tougher bosses on the Path.

Tales of Laputa-Experiencing your own Fairy Ancient Mythology

With six varied and exciting classes to choose from and a plethora of items and equipment to customizecharacters, there is something for every player in Tales of Solaris. Interested gamers can visit the Tales of Solaris official websitenow:


Tales of Solaris, a brand new, magical web RPG, is now in open beta. Interested players can register now:



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About Tales of Solaris

Tales of Solaris is a feature packed web MMORPG with exciting battle gameplay and classic anime elements. The game takes places in a continent where magic and machinery coexists. The Order of Morias is the ruler of City of Sky. The mysterious Bandits group, which bears unknown missions, is vying to overturn the order of the continent. As a member of the Order, players must join the unprecedented war, reveal the true history and finally lead the City of Sky to a new era, and all while teaming up with friends to create an organization even greater than the Order of Morias.


Tales of Solaris-Rise to the challenge of Ancient Boss with lovely pets!

Tales of Solaris-Hot RPG featured with dazzling skills, diversified pets, and multiple game modes!

Tales of Solaris-In the Lost City Looking for Mysterious Treasures