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The continent was once dominated by the demons. Centered on Laputa, the crust they originally ruled spread to the sky like the cobweb. Demons led by Demon King Sardin resided above highand enjoyed the clean air, sunshine and endless energy. However, to maintain the order, demonsunlocked the “Fissure” connecting to Another World and summoned monsters that broughtdeath, adversity and destruction to the world.

Desperate human survived and met God of Morias, the powerful and kind God who taught human the knowledge, the skills and helped them defeat the demons. When Laputa collapsed; when the rocks fell down to the land and ocean; when the Altar that constituted the demon magic was buried; the human finally broken free and dispelled Demon King Sardin and its followers to the unknown Fissure.

The God selected devout disciples, established The Order, and bestowed them the new Laputa before leaving the continent. Since then, the Order ushered a new era of ruling the continent.

Now 500 years has passed.

From the collapse of ancient Laputa to the reestablishment of the continent Order

From the overthrow of evil demons to the establishment of the Order

When the struggle of the justice and evil uncovers the truth,

When the truth and belief crashes,

Make the choice-Son of the Inheritance!


Tales of Solaris-Rise to the challenge of Ancient Boss with lovely pets!

Tales of Solaris-Hot RPG featured with dazzling skills, diversified pets, and multiple game modes!

Tales of Solaris-In the Lost City Looking for Mysterious Treasures